Best Security Operating System used by Developers & Hackers in the World

Best Security Operating System Used by Professionals-

Best Security Operating System

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Today, we will tell you about some types of hacking operating systems are used by hackers and developers. With the help of the same, your data, that steel, and more and more information collects about you.

With the help of these, hackers execute hacking. I will tell you about those operating systems, so let’s start…

BackBox (

This OS happens for maximum security. All keep it at number two. I thought I got it fifth no. Well, I did not use it because I use the “Kali Linux” operating system. According to the information, it is better spoken. But I did not like it much about it. You can learn more just by using it. Its security is very high. You can also execute hacking from it, but you do not have to implement this on anybody. This is not legal. You can also download this because it is open source.

Backtrack (

I have used these operating systems, I liked it very well. Well, this is also open source. You can download from the above link. This is a pretty good operating system and hacking can be done too. These are great for security testing. By USB you can also be run live by booting. There are lots of tools. Which, it will make you more comfortable working with software. It is important to learn the commands to run it.


Here is the top amazing ethical hackers of India

BlackArch Linux (

This is also the operating system of Linux. This is also used for testing. In this, you will find more than 1600 tools. Which are enough for you to experiment. So many tools are not available in any operating system. You can also easily download it as it is also open source. With this, you can become a good white hat hacker by learning. This is a great light for the beginners. This is also good for the advanced user. Or we can say this is very good for every man. If you talk about size, then its size is highest.

Parrot Security (

It is also very good. About that, the less I say the less. I also use this. I do not need to download any software in it. The special thing is, simple software is also equipped with already. By using it you will not feel the lack of Windows software. Developers use this special. It is used more for safety and security. You can also download this easily.

Kali Linux (

It will be like everyone, I like it. This is also the most popular. There is no doubt about it. The special thing is that its interface is also very good. Hacking can be done easily. This operating system is open source. You can easily download. This is the most used operating system in the world. According to me, you must try it as well.


These were some operating systems that are used by hackers.  But you can also try them. The download link is given in every heading.  Do not use to harm anyone. You may also be convicted under cyber crime. Use this only for the education or personal purpose.

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