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Careful ! Diarrhea can be fatal in children

A thin and watery platter is frequently referred to as diarrhea. It occurs frequently in children from 6 months to 2 years of age. Parents consider it a simple thing, but actually having diarrhea is a dangerous disease.

Do not starve children with vomiting and diarrhea

Around 50 lakh children die every year in the world due to squads only. Sometimes blood and blood can also come out. Vomiting can sometimes occur with diarrhea.

Baby diarrhoea is caused by

Diarrhea starts only when some harmful germs reach the baby’s body. They are not visible to us and are found in the dirt. In keeping food and drinking things dirty or applying them dirty, they get germs. When we eat or drink such things, these germs also reach our body with them. Most diarrhea in children occurs only when they are fed with bottle milk or they are given an upper meal (pabulum) which has not been cleaned in making, cooking, keeping and feeding.

What kind of danger can a child get from diarrhea

When a child experiences diarrhea, a lot of water and salts are released from his body. There is a complete lack of water in the body due to excessive diarrhea, and it becomes dihydrate. Due to persistent diarrhea in the child, due to excessive lack of water in his body (nilion), he may also die in a few hours or days. However, this situation can also happen due to the negligence of the parents.

Symptoms of water deficiency in the body

If there is a slight lack of water, more thirst, throat, tongue and lips become dry, eyes get stuck in the pit, if the baby’s palate (on the head) is open, then there are symptoms like pits in it.

When there is a lack of water in the body

The amount of urine decreases, the breath starts moving faster, the pulse becomes light, due to which the child may become unconscious.

The health of a child also affects a lot due to diarrhea

Whenever a child experiences diarrhea, there is a deficiency of water, salts and those elements which are necessary for the growth of the body. Due to misunderstanding, parents stop food, water etc. for fear of diarrhea.

Think before giving medicine to the child

Due to this the condition of the child can worsen further and due to loss of appetite, weight is lost. His health falls and his body’s strength to fight disease also decreases. The risk of diarrhea in such a child is high.

Children who grow only on breast milk have a very low risk of diarrhea

It is true that such infants, who are completely feeding on breast milk, are less prone to diarrhea. The mother’s milk does not contain any germs, but gives the child the strength to eliminate diarrhea in the intestines. Bottle-milkers are many times more likely to suffer diarrhea than children who drink breast milk.

Teeth have no relation to children with diarrhea

Diarrhea of ​​a baby while coming out of the teeth can not be called ordinary, but it is often seen in this age. The reason for this is often the child eating dirty things. At this age, the child enjoys biting and chewing with his teeth and he often picks up things lying on the dirty floor and puts them in the mouth. With those raised things, germs reach the baby’s body through the mouth and he gets this disease. In this way, we understand the cause of diarrhea. Whereas the real reason is the eating of dirty things by the infant.

The treatment in children

The mother should be careful as soon as the first diarrhea begins. So start treating him immediately.
First of all, it is necessary to supply water and salts released from the baby’s body. After each thin diarrhea, the child should be fed 1 glass (200 ml) salt sugar solution (salted syrup). Apart from this, rice starch, buttermilk, coconut water, etc. can also be given to the baby. This solution should be given little by little. The baby may not like to drink them. If even after doing this, the baby does not improve within two days, then definitely take it to the doctor.

Making salt and sugar solution.

A glass (200 ml) of boiled water + a pinch (quarter teaspoon of tea) salt (taste to see if the solution is more salty than tears).
Mix 2 teaspoons of tea sugar or jaggery.
Salt sugar solution is ready just for diarrhea. Once this solution is prepared in large quantity, use it within 24 hours.

What should be given food

Khichdi, banana, thin curd (lassi), etc. should be given food items.

When to consult a doctor (in case of diarrhea)

  • If the outbreak of this problem does not reduce in 24 hours.
  • If persistent pain in addition to abdominal cramps.
  • When the child is up to 6 months of age, the disease starts to increase.
  • The child has this problem again and again, very little urine comes.


Give mother’s milk to your baby for as long as possible.

  • Make the upper dose fresh and clean for the child and feed it cleanly.
  • Boil water only after cooling it.
  • Keep nails clean and make a habit of washing your hands thoroughly before feeding anything.

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Careful ! Diarrhea can be fatal in children
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