How to Protect Your WordPress Blog From Hackers

Here is the top amazing ethical hackers of India

Best ethical hackers of India in the world-

Amazing and Best ethical hackers of India in the world- ethical hackers of India

They are the best amazing ethical hackers ever I seen they hack minimum 900 websites of Pakistan government. So, This list got the best Indian patriotic hackers, Who did change the meaning.

The top third hacker is Hamid Ansari-

The name of the person who comes in the top third hackers is Hamid Ansari. Hamid was the son of an Indian Army. They was studied engineering, then Hamid left engineering in 2003 because he was not feeling well.

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After leaving college, cyber entered the world of crime. He has created two websites and working to hack emails by taking money from people.

It meant the money was taken from the client, and in return gave him the password. To hack an account, it used to take up to two and a half hundred to 500.

It hacked about 900 email accounts from 2011 to 2013. Of which more than two and a half hundred Indians belonged to Indian. When there was a report in the police. The police caught him and sent him to jail. After this incident, no one knew about it.

“Malu Cyber ​​Soldiers” hackers comes at number of two-

Malu Cyber ​​Soldiers comes at number of two. It is heard that hackers of Kerala have made it. But this group does not steal.

It works well for India. This group hacks the website that runs sex rackets. At the moment I would not like to name the website. There are some websites that have some illegal work. It closes them. This group is doing a great job for India. They say we are saving India.


How To Protect Your WordPress Blog From Hackers..?

Last hacker Number is Hamid Ansari-

Last Number is Hamid Ansari. When he used to read this, he hacked the Indian Railway website. He caused great damage to the Indian Railways.

He had prepared a fake software like Indian Railway. This local booked for an instant ticket. And later sent fake tickets. This fake ticket business lasted 2 years.

When the crime team came to know They raided her house and raided. He got caught He got fake mobile SIM cards and many other illegal things.

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