How To Protect Your WordPress Blog From Hackers..?

Some Tips to Protect Your WordPress Blog From Hackers-

How to Protect Your WordPress Blog From Hackers
Protect Your WordPress Blog From Hackers

Today we are talking about WordPress’s security. Which is a very important part. When blog websites are new. Then no one focuses more on security. But when the blogs website starts to be popular Then quite a lot of people start thinking about hacking him. These are those people who are not happy with the success of others. Due to this, the wrong way is adopted.

First of all, we know how hacking is done and how the website gets hacked. The first one is “Black Hat Hacking” and the second is “White Hat Hacking”.
Black hats are hackers, they steal any data. Damage the website’s data. Or copy data, even delete data. Meaning to harm anyone. This is their job. This is not good for any user.

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The white hat hackers are, they are quite honest. It’s a way of doing police work, making it easy to save the site. Protect the site. It works to prevent hacking. They also have a license. But Black Hat Hacker does not have any license.

Protect your blog from “Fishing hack”-

The only way to hacking it is to create a copy page and post it on the host server. Send someone a link to someone Anyone who clicks on that link and any user in it will enter their information, a username and password. It sends that detail to the hacker.

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Next is “SQL injection”, So Protect your blog from this-

Put a page into source code, script. It codifies viruses in a comment that spoils the website by going to the website. So, open source products which are likely to be hacked to a great extent.

Protect your Blog By the “Password Attack Software”-

In this, a password list is created. The password is from two to three thousand. This software tries to retain all the passwords one by one, it inserts whatever it takes and it logs in. This is a way to get rid of password attack. That is why it is said that there should be no normal passwords which are open source products which are likely to be hacked to a great extent.

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Now We Will Talk About some tips to protect your blog and Secure your Blog Site.
  • First of all, do not ever get free hosting after that SSL certificate has also been purchased that secures the website and keeps the incoming users, which are free hosting companies, they are not themselves secure, what will you secure?
  • Secondly, keep your WordPress website up-to-date regularly, keep all the plugins as it is always up-to-date because the security in the updated plugin continues to grow because every one update keeps the advance security.

Most Important Things You Need to Do After Installing WordPress Blog

  • Use a hard password, insert symbol, enter the number, use a capital letter and small letter.
  • Delete the default admin user And choose a username and password that are not normal, so hackers will not be able to access your login panel so that the chance of hacking is greatly reduced.
  • Then you will save you from brute force attack because the password is repeatedly logged in, then the password is incorrect if this login is incomplete then it blocks the IP.
  • Change your admin URL to be quite secure even when I started this blog too, my admin URL was normal and my website was in danger but when I came to know it, I also secured my website.
  • Use the time Google Captcha security of the login in the site, it will protect from any robotic hacking.


Friends There Was Some Tips to Protect Your WordPress Blog From Hackers…..

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