Top five blogger in our India

Top five blogger in India 2018-

Today we bring for you a good article. It is really fact and figures about top five Indian bloggers. They are- What write? What do & How to..?
We are going to share knowledge about this matter.
An important question is that- How much earn Bloggers? What do for earning? So all these things we cover in this article. I hope this article will be helpful for you. If you want to know answers of above questions read our full paragraph.

Now we start from primary level and try to know about top 5th blogger in India.

Top fifth whose name “Shriniwas tamada”, UI Architect and started blogging with Google blogger in 2008. They work as an engineer, blogger, thinker, and also founder of “” as programming blog. It is a very popular web development site. He converts difficult concepts into very simple, then people understand easily. He earns 3500$ per month from own website “”. If you convert into Indian currency then the amount will be equals to the Rs.2,45,875.
If we check Alexa ranking of the website then-
• Rank in India- 14797
• Global Rank 119414
This is a good rank. Without hard work can not possible this target.

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Now we go to next level and try to know about top 4th blogger in India.

Top fourth, whose name is “Shivya Nath”. Friends, she is a lady blogger. She started blogging after leaving her corporate job because of liked traveling. So, we knew her as a travel blogger and she writes about the travelling experience. Someone asked a question to her, how much you earn? She smiled and replied that we earned around Rs.2,00,000. Friends this is a big deal, one of them is completing the dream of roaming and working to bring the same experience to the people. The website is – “”. She earned around two Lac rupees. The rank of her website is also good.
If we check Alexa rank of the website then-
• Rank in India- 35316
• Global Rank 366823

Now friends let’s go to next candidate and try to know about him who is top 3rd blogger in India.

Top fourth blogger’s name is “Imran Uddin”. They are the founder of these websites are “”, “”. He is the CEO of both websites. Basically, he started in the 2nd year of engineering, Because of wants to earn some money. First earning was only Rs.300 but in the current time earned 10,000$ in a month. You convert into Indian currency around six-seven Lac per month. Guys have a lot in the estimation of a middle-class person or software developer or IIT engineer. Friends this is a big figure in the website blogging competition.
If we check Alexa ranking of the website then-
• Rank in India- 5171
• Global Rank- 59692

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Guys we go to next level and try to know about top 2nd blogger in India.

Top second blogger is- “Harsh Agrawal” belongs from Delhi. Their website is “”. They are the full-time blogger. All the bloggers of India are the inspirations. This website is hosting for bloggers and also provide the path for beginners. Many of them follow their steps in this carrier. They started blogging at the time of when they working in the call center. After one month he earned around 500 Rs. After that, they cover full time blogging as a carrier. But at this time they earned more and more like a businessman around the 52,000$ and in Indian currency Rs.34,04,277 per month. So it is a big figure.
When we check Alexa ranking of the website-
• Rank in India- 1162
• Global Rank- 8561


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Guys we go to next level and try to know about top first blogger in India.

Top first blogger- named “Amit Agrawal”. Their website is “”. He is IIT passed out from Rudki with the computer science. So this is a fact for the number one position. He does the job some days in Hyderabad. Due to some reasons, they shift to Agra. In Agra, they started blogging as a carrier in 2004. When No-one knows means of blogging. They write about how to ….. means something or guide to anyone.
They earn from blogging in Rs.38,95,500 per month but in Dollar 6.00,00$. Also, make apps and optimize so he is the number one blogger in India.

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