[ What is the Dark Web, Dark Internet, Deep Internet, Surface Web, Hidden Internet ]

What is the Dark Web, Surface Web & Deep Internet

Difference between Dark Web Surface Web & Deep Internet-

[ What is the Dark Web, Dark Internet, Deep Internet, Surface Web, Hidden Internet ]

What is surface web-

First of all, the internet that we use the people speak to the World Wide Web. It is also known by the name “Surface Web”. This is only 4 percent of the entire Internet. The second is “Dark Web”. Now we will talk about how it is used. Surface Web can use Direct Google to use. “Deep web” links, we cannot use easily. Because they are kept secret by any government agency. It is given only to the related or needy people. It denies Google to not index it. Deep web links will not be found in any search engine. EX. WhiteChance, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress etc.

The Deep Web Definition-

The Deep web link is hidden. Such as banks, companies or government organizations etc. Its login password is given to certain people only. We can access this from the normal browser but the dark web cannot be accessed by the normal browser.

There is no separate line to use the dark web to use. This is used by a special browser. Can be accessed by that. Its name is Tor Browser. It generates many VPNs.

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How To Get On The Dark Internet-

Tor accesses data by using several VPNs. It is very difficult to track because it creates a network of VPNs. It is open source. Anyone can use it. But this is to keep the data private. Not for any wrong use.

Well, you can either buy VPN or buy. But by doing this your website browsing speed will be significantly reduced. Until the result comes, the timeout has already been done. So this is not possible, so the “tor” is used.

The site that opens on the Dark Web is not legal. Their links are not considered legal. It contains data about drugs, credit cards, theft. Not only this, if you go, your data may also be stolen. You can also hack yourself. So my point is, you do not go for the illegal on the Dark Web.

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Do not use the dark web. You will be safe. Because you go to a website, do you know what the website hacks you? Or hack the computer and maybe steal your private information.

So do not use the Illegal site. Use only to keep your data safe. And do not use those websites. There is no information about them. So much better. One thing I would like to say is that which is true. This browser is sponsored by Google itself.

So this is about some dark, deep and surf the web.

Well, using Google Chrome is great. It is said that “Caution was reduced accident“.

Be happy then be careful.

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What is the Dark Web, Surface Web & Deep Internet
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