Physical check up during pregnancy

Why a pregnant medical examination is necessary?

Physical check-up during pregnancy

Giving birth to a baby is a very happy occasion. But pregnancy and childbirth sometimes turn this happiness into sorrow. Because some of these complications can result in the death of a pregnant woman or child.

If the pregnant woman is cared for from the beginning by a skilled lady doctor, then women and infants can be saved to a great extent from unnatural death. The following reasons are often responsible for the troubles and death of a pregnant woman. The lady doctor has an important role to identify them in time and for treatment and prevention.

Blood deficiency

This problem may already be present in the woman or occur only at the time of conception. Many women and their family members do not know about it for a long time and when there is excessive lack of blood, swelling occurs on the whole body.

When the breath starts breathing, the heart starts to fail, the size of the liver increases, then in such a severe condition, the woman is admitted to the emergency ward. Some women are brought into such a serious condition that even after offering blood and providing oxygen, they cannot escape.

Malnutrition of women is the main cause of blood loss in our country. Malaria and hookworm and bleeding can also be responsible for blood deficiency.

If a pregnant woman is under the care of a qualified lady doctor right from the beginning, then she will undergo a hemoglobin test to identify anemia. If blood deficiency is found, its root cause will also be detected and treated. According to the type of anemia, the woman will also be advised to eat iron (iron elements), folic acid and vitamin B12 and vitamin B6 medicines and foods rich in these elements (green leafy vegetables, jaggery, and fresh fruits, etc.).

Side Effects of Pregnancy Test- Chorionic Villus Biopsy

 Swelling on the body

If this problem is minor then it can also be normal, but more so, your lady doctor will tell you what is the reason for this? The main causes of unnatural swelling on the body in a pregnant woman are various diseases of blood, kidneys, liver, heart, lungs, etc. Those whose physical examination of these organs and some laboratory tests are done. For example, the percentage of hemoglobin in the blood, TLC, DLC, protein creatinine, and pulses are tested for hookworm and urine is tested for albumin. This causes the inflammation to be detected in most patients. Ultrasound (Pregnant medical examination) is also helpful in some women.

Blood pressure

Its exact size is very important in every pregnant woman. So that high blood pressure or low blood pressure can be diagnosed early.

High Blood Pressure Causes

Many women do not know about the disease of high blood pressure for a long time. If they are under the supervision of a female doctor, they will be diagnosed before any complications occur during pregnancy or delivery. Pregnancy may itself be responsible for high blood pressure or narrowing of the renal endocrine glands and arterial wall are also the main causes of high blood pressure.

Your lady doctor will tell you which medicine will be safe and useful for the treatment of high blood pressure during pregnancy. You must reduce the amount of salt.

 Pregnancy toxemia
Pregnant medical examination
Physical check-up during pregnancy

Some women start having seizures shortly before delivery. And she also faints. There is a special reason for this condition, which is called toxemia of pregnancy. In this disease, the blood pressure of the woman is found to be very large and the amount of protein in the urine is also found. This condition is considered extremely dangerous. Such a woman should be hospitalized immediately. So that the blood pressure can be measured from time to time and the necessary medicines can also be given by the vein.


Many pregnant women do not know about it. She is diagnosed when the lady doctor advises her a urine test. But the blood sugar test is the best test. A pregnant woman has a special type of diabetes. Which is called gestational diabetes. Which only happens at the time of conception, but it ends on its own after delivery. But if it is not diagnosed and treated, it can cause many abnormalities inside the womb. Insulin is necessary to control diabetes of pregnant diabetic women. And that too new type of insulin. For example, “human insulin” is better. They should never control from diabetes cake. If diabetes is not under control, the chances of pregnancy are low and miscarriages continue. And the weight of the baby is also more than necessary. Due to which there can be an obstruction in the delivery process.


The main reason for this is liver failure. Despite having jaundice for a long time, most pregnant women are unable to detect it. Jaundice is diagnosed when he is admitted to the hospital on unconsciousness. This condition is considered very dangerous and many pregnant women die till death. Therefore, if any pregnant women start feeling hungry, urine and eye color appear yellow and have pain in the upper abdomen, consult a doctor. If the pregnant woman will be under the supervision of the lady doctor, then she will also tell you ways to avoid jaundice. For example, keep clean in eating and drinking, take an injection with sterilized syringe and needle only. Do not consume alcohol Use tetracycline and chlorpromazine drugs sparingly, or not at all. Offer blood only to a healthy person if blood transfusion is required.

heart disease

Lady doctor will check your heart and tell you that you do not have heart disease?

Pregnant women mainly have rheumatic heart disease. In which the doors between the heart chambers are either narrow or are very loose. Many pregnant women get the disease when they are tested for excessive breathlessness, foamy mouth, swelling on the feet, and cough.

TB of lungs

Its diagnosis and treatment are possible at the very beginning with a medical examination. If the disease is aggravated or bleeding from the mouth. Then the possibility of adverse effects on the woman. A pregnant woman has TB Streptomycin should not be taken.


The gland in front of the neck, if not functioning properly, causes excessive heartbeat, unexpected moving of fingers, loss of weight or excess weight, diarrhea or constipation, excessive cold or heat in the pregnant woman, the whole body. But symptoms like swelling and anemia occur. If there is no proper diagnosis and treatment of these diseases, in addition to many problems in the pregnant, there is a possibility of disease in the baby as well.

Blood test

Such as the percentage of hemoglobin, blood group, RH Factor, V.D.R.L. Tests, blood sugar and other tests. All these tests will be done by your lady doctor. With which success in early diagnosis and treatment of diseases, along with unnecessary bleeding and complication in childbirth, effective treatment will be possible.

Urine test

Albumin is essential for the identification of sugar, ketone substances, red blood cells, pus cells, and bacteria. With which you will get information regarding diabetes, blood pressure and many kidney diseases. And proper treatment will also help in the treatment of diseases like pyelonephritis. A urine test is performed to detect pregnancies in the early stages. And it can also be known that the fetus has not died in the uterus.


By ultrasound examination of the pregnant woman’s womb, the correct texture or abnormalities of many of her organs can also be identified. Also, tumors located in the uterus, tubes or ovaries, etc. can also be diagnosed. It can also be ascertained that the establishment of the womb is not in the wrong place (ectopic pregnancy).


This test is considered dangerous for a pregnant woman. Especially in the early stages, because it can cause asymmetry in the organs of the womb. Therefore, if there is any disease in the body, the pregnant woman’s family should never get her X-ray done on her own. If a woman has menstrual periods, and doctors recommend her X-rays, then inform your doctor about menstruation immediately. But if x-rays are necessary, leave the decision to your doctor.

Abdominal examination

The lady doctor will tell you whether the size of the uterus matches the time since the menstruation stopped. Its size is not very small or unnecessarily large. Is the number of pregnancies not more than one? What is the condition of the womb in the uterus? Is there any possibility of any problem during delivery? Hearing the heartbeat of the womb with a stethoscope will also give you information about the condition of the womb. Apart from this, information about liver, spleen and any other tumor, etc. will also be found.


It is also necessary to take the weight of a pregnant woman and keep her record. So that excessive weight can be detected, and its cause can be diagnosed and treated.


Your lady doctor will also advise you about food. If there is no serious kidney complication, you must take at least one hundred grams of protein per day. Salt will have to be taken less if there is high blood pressure. Substances in iron and milk and cheese have to be taken in sufficient quantity. Due to which there is no lack of calcium in the body.


A pregnant woman will also have to get her “Tatvek” in the 7th, 7th and 7th month from the opinion of her female doctor.

Measurement of the head of the womb

With the measurement of the head of the womb and the pelvis of the mother, the lady doctor will determine whether the delivery will be normal or the baby will be by the operation. They will also advise you to hospitalize shortly before delivery if necessary. So that the condition of both mother and womb can be monitored from time to time.

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